Elevate Your Game: AFL Kicking Drills for Players of All Levels 2024

Elevate Your Game: AFL Kicking Drills for Players of All Levels 2024

Last updated 28/05/24

The art of Australian Rules Football (AFL) kicking is a skill that requires practice, precision, and perseverance. Whether you're a beginner looking to master the basics or an advanced player seeking to refine your technique, targeted kicking drills can enhance your skills, improve accuracy, and elevate your performance on the field. From fundamental drills to advanced exercises, a structured practice regimen can help players of all levels unlock their full kicking potential. Let's explore AFL kicking drills tailored for beginners to advanced players, empowering you to take your kicking game to new heights.

For Beginners:

1. Stationary Target Practice: Start with stationary target practice to work on aim and accuracy. Set up targets at varying distances and angle to develop consistent kicking technique and precision.

2. Ball Handling Drills: Focus on basic ball-handling drills like dribbling, handballing, and ground pickups to enhance ball control and touch, fundamental for executing precise kicks during gameplay.

3. Hip Rotation Exercises: Engage in hip rotation exercises to develop power and momentum in your kicks. Twist exercises and hip mobility drills improve range of motion and optimize power generation in your kicking motion.

For Intermediate Players:

1. Moving Target Kicking: Progress to kicking at moving targets to simulate game-like scenarios and enhance accuracy under dynamic conditions. Incorporate lateral movements and quick adjustments to improve kicking adaptability.

2. Pressure Drills: Practice kicks under pressure situations to improve composure and accuracy when faced with challenges during gameplay. Mock game scenarios with time constraints or defenders to simulate real-match conditions.

3. Angle Kicking Training: Experiment with angle kicking drills to improve versatility and precision in different kicking angles. Practice kicks from acute and obtuse angles to enhance spatial awareness and capability in varied game situations.

For Advanced Players:

1. Power and Distance Drills: Focus on power and distance drills to amplify kicking strength and increase the length of kicks. Incorporate strength training, explosive power exercises, and specialized kicking techniques to enhance kicking capabilities.

2. Precision Target Practice: Fine-tune your accuracy with precision target practice drills. Set up small, specific targets to aim for and practice hitting them consistently to improve accuracy and control in high-pressure situations.

3. Game Simulation Drills: Engage in game simulation drills to replicate real-match conditions and enhance decision-making, timing, and adaptability in kicking situations. Integrate teammates, obstacles, and rapid decision-making to improve performance under game pressure.

From foundational skills to advanced techniques, customized AFL kicking drills cater to players of all levels, empowering them to refine their kicking abilities, boost accuracy, and excel in their performance on the field. Continual practice, consistency, and dedication to training drills are essential for honing kicking skills and achieving peak performance in AFL.

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