Best AFL Kicking Drills

Best AFL Kicking Drills of 2023


Aspiring AFL kickers out there, if you’re looking to master the art of kicking and be an elite kicker just like your favorite pros, then you’ve come to the right place! We break down all the different types of AFL kicking drills and practice techniques that you need to become a top notch kicker. So get ready to set up those cones and throw on your cleats; it’s time for an in-depth look at all the best AFL Kicking Drills of 2023.

Here is our top 5 best AFL Kicking:

Drill 1: agility ladder drill

The Agility Ladder Drill is great for improving overall foot speed as well as coordination between your feet and eyes. To perform this drill correctly, first set up an agility ladder in an open space. Then, kick a footy to yourself while stepping through each box of the ladder. The key is to stay light on your feet and be precise with each step. Once you’ve made it through the entire ladder without falling, switch directions and start again!

Drill 2: stationary ball drill

The Stationary Ball Drill is perfect for getting comfortable kicking off both your right and left legs. To perform this drill correctly, place a cone or marker five meters away from you. Then, place another marker five metres further away from the first one. Set up two footballs at each marker; one on either side of it. Now take turns kicking alternate balls off each leg from the same spot. Focus on making contact with the middle of your foot and aim to hit the target each time!


Drill 3: drop punt drill

The Drop Punt Drill is perfect for mastering the drop punt technique. To perform this drill correctly, stand five metres away from a wall or fence and place two markers at three metre intervals in front of you. Now take turns kicking a football off both legs between each marker without letting it touch the ground. Aim for accuracy by visualizing where you want the ball to go before taking your kick. With enough practice, soon you’ll be able to make all your kicks land accurately and consistently!


Drill 4: pressure drills

Pressure Drills are great for helping you stay calm and focused under pressure. To perform this drill correctly, find an open space with a partner or group of people. Then take turns kicking footballs to each other in various directions while being timed and pressured to make quick decisions. This will help improve your decision making skills as well as your accuracy and consistency when kicking in high pressure situations.


Drill 5: side-on drills

Side-On Drills are perfect for improving the power and accuracy of your kicks from any angle. To perform this drill correctly, stand five metres away from two markers that are on either side of you. Now take turns kicking a football through one marker then quickly transferring your weight onto the opposite leg and kick it through the other marker. Aim to keep your hips and shoulders square while transferring your weight in order to make sure you kick with accuracy.


By mastering all of these drills, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an elite AFL kicker! So get out there, practice hard and stay dedicated; soon enough you’ll reap the rewards of becoming a top notch AFL kicker. Good luck!

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