Elevate Your Game: Effective AFL Kicking Drills to Improve Your Skills

Elevate Your Game: Effective AFL Kicking Drills to Improve Your Skills

Last updated 3/06/24

Introduction: AFL kicking drills are essential for sharpening technique, enhancing accuracy, and developing power in your kicks. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore a variety of kicking drills designed to elevate your performance on the field and take your game to the next level.

Importance of Kicking Drills: Kicking drills play a crucial role in developing muscle memory, improving coordination, and honing the finer details of your kicking technique. Regular practice of these drills can help you become a more precise and effective kicker in AFL.

1. Target Practice: The Goal Accuracy Challenge

  • Set up targets at various distances and angles to practice hitting specific spots.
  • Focus on consistency and precision in your kicks to improve goal accuracy.
  • Repeat the drill with varying target sizes and distances to challenge yourself.

2. Moving Target Drill: Passing Perfection

  • Partner up with a teammate who moves as you kick the ball to simulate game-like conditions.
  • Practice leading passes and hitting moving targets to improve accuracy under pressure.
  • Rotate roles to work on both kicking and marking skills during this dynamic drill.

3. Pressure Situations: Game-Scenario Kicking

  • Set up scenarios where you have limited time or space to kick the ball accurately.
  • Practice quick decision-making and executing kicks under pressure to mimic real-game situations.
  • Focus on maintaining composure and technique while under pressure to enhance game performance.

4. Long-Distance Kicking Challenge: Power and Distance

  • Practice kicking for distance by targeting long-range goals or markers on the field.
  • Work on generating power from your core and legs to maximize kicking distance.
  • Incorporate strength training exercises to improve leg strength and kicking power for long-distance kicks.

5. Quick Release Drill: Snap Kicks and Clearances

  • Emphasize speed and efficiency in your kicking motion for quick snap kicks and clearances.
  • Work on speedy ball control and rapid execution to evade opponents and create scoring opportunities.
  • Focus on accuracy while maintaining a swift release to optimize your kicking effectiveness in fast-paced game situations.

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Conclusion: AFL kicking drills are an essential component of your training regimen to improve technique, accuracy, and game performance. By incorporating a variety of drills that target different aspects of kicking, you can enhance your skills and elevate your overall kicking proficiency on the field.

Consistent practice, attention to detail, and a commitment to refining your kicking technique through targeted drills will set you on the path to kicking success in Australian Rules Football.

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